About the Workshops 

You will learn how to improve your self confidence in communication skills and how to manage yourself well during conflict. 

This is an area in which our parents mostly didn’t have the time or the knowhow to teach us.

I’m sure if I asked you if you had ever argued that your answer would be”yes”, wouldn’t it?

I’m sure if I asked you if you would have liked to have handled things better that you would have also replied “yes” wouldn’t you?

Life is so full of stresses that mostly we react rather than respond.

Wouldn’t it be great if you had a method to put an end to shouting, getting annoyed, reacting and then finding the next day you hate yourself. Your behaviour plays on your mind and you think…”What if I had said …differently?….


I forgot to say…. that”?

It is so possible that the next time you speak to the person with whom you were arguing that you actually start with that same behaviour all over again. Before you realize it, everything including you is out of control.

In music, the key note, that is the note in which the musical score starts is also the end note. This note appears alone or in a chord.

Discussion is the same way for us. If we start with a smile ….we seem to end with a smile.

The workshops are limited to 10 and held once a month at Bondi Junction.

Please send your request for further information or to join next month’s workshop via e-mail to 

iangelaleah@gmail.com or fill out the contact us form at the bottom of the page.

Thanking you for your interest


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