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Firstly, you should give yourself a pat on the back for being persistent enough to seek help; as opposed to taking flight.

Now that you are here, the chances of reducing your stress and conflict have improved.

At some point prior to this conflict you are in, I am sure that you and the other person (or organization) formed a relationship. Without some form of relationship, naturally there is no basis for you to be caught in the middle of a conflict or dispute.

Once we get caught in conflict , our emotions usually take over from logic and fact and our senses prevent us from thinking clearly and rationally. I am sure you understand that point. It is at these times that we often need the help of someone else to keep our balance.

Has the following question ever been put to you:-

“Would you like to get into a conflict with your partner, or business colleague?

Probably not, and even if it had been, I am sure I know what your answer would have been “Of course not” or “No, are you out of your mind?’

Nobody consciously likes to be in conflict with anyone else.  However, what happens is that our previous experiences, on which we base our ideas and opinions; often leads us to act emotionally rather than rationally. These past experiences sit deep down in our subconscious and rear their heads when we least expect it; and, I might add not always in our best light.  It is at these times when conflict may occur.

I can help you to find the right forum to sort out your conflict; either by negotiating your position for you; or via mediation/conciliation or arbitration.


Angela-Leah Vered

  • Masters Degree in Dipute Resolution (accredited by University of NSW Faculty of Law)
  • Professional Certificate in Arbitration (accredited by University of Adelaide Faculty of Law)
  • Mediator Accredited NMAS
  • LREA, Lic Bus Broker