3 Replies to “HOW can I RESOLVE my CONFLICT?”

  1. Look for a mediator who can either be a third party and act as a facilitator for you and the person with whom you are in conflict; or negotiate for you with the other party if they are also qualified to negotiate the dispute.

  2. I work for a small company and have a problem with my boss. I am a good worker and do not want to leave and my boss doesn’t want me to leave either. The owners are in another state and often overseas. What can I do. There is no workplace system in place to resolve the issue. What can I do?

  3. If you have already attempted to settle the conflict directly with your boss and failed, then my suggestion is to ask him/her if he/she would agree to a third party negotiator/mediator to assist you to sort out your differences. It is probably that each of you wants the same result but are simply speaking in “differenct languages” – a trained and qualified person will be able to assist you both to generate a win-win situation.

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