Master of Dispute Resolution – University NSW – Faculty of Law
Professional Certificate of Arbitration University of Adelaide
Mediator – NMAS accredited
Diploma in Business –
Real Estate Management and Business Broking
Certificate IV Workplace Training and Assessment
Certificate of Planning and Business Management
Certificate in Situational Leadership – studied at Power Human Resources & Development Institute
Account Development Strategy – Xerox Learning Systems
Certificate in Marketing – Direct Marketing Association
First Degree in Reiki Usui System of Natural Healing


Professional Negotiator – Mediator – dispute and problem solving – Coach and Trainer of Negotiating and Problem Solving Skills
Highly successful history in the field and sales and negotiation skills training spanning many years in the commercial arena and real estate, working with leading international and Sydney based organizations.
Management; business skills include all facets of business planning, employment, co-ordination, and administration.

LEADR member

Company Involvement:

Real Estate Practice specializing in Investment Property Development

Financial Director – StreetviewNews
Web based map marketing platform and SaaS Provider


Sophisticated Negotiation

-Conflict Prevention and Resolution
-Author and Facilitator of Wealth Creation Seminars
-Author and Trainer of Negotiation/Sales Techniques Strategies Seminar
-Development of Business, Sales and Marketing Strategies
-Author of comprehensive Procedures and Sales Manuals
-Advertising and Promotion -Statistical Evaluation
-Financial Planning and Control
-General Administration
-Staff Management – workplace conflict
-Staff training

Angela Leah – Personal Profile
With a highly successful history as a workplace trainer spanning many years working with leading International and Sydney based organizations, “Ange” as her friends know her, comes with the credentials to support her success. The Australian National Training Authority has accredited her as a professional trainer and workplace assessor. She has had extensive experience in workplace conflict prevention and resolution, training, marketing and negotiations at executive level with international companies. Her skills include all facets of business planning, co-ordination, and administration.

Her initial business experiences over many years were in the world of stockbroking as a scrip clerk and trouble shooter. Trouble shooting,her communication skills and negotiation techniques using sophisticated strategies for problem solving is what she does best. Many companies changed their systems and strategies as a result of her insight, after encountering the young lady.

Having launched a business manufacturing children’s clothing, Ange still remembers calling her first meeting of about twelve commissioned representatives, in a coffee shop in the basement of David Jones in Sydney [that is really giving her age away]. Office premises were out of the question – viewed as an unnecessary business expense. The clothing was marketed successfully for many years using a party plan structure. During that time, Ange was raising a son and a daughter.

Later, whilst working with a major International marketing organization, achievements included working her way from consultant to Branch Manager responsible for a crew of about 100. Her rapid promotion was and still is, unique to the organization. Every year she increased her production goals and her team achieved national and international recognition.

She was involved directly with training, introducing innovative methods and developing consultants into managers. In 1980 she was responsible for the top team production in Australia .Angela was involved directly with staff training introducing innovative methods, including the resolution of simple workplace disputes, and developing consultants into managers; her team achieving the highest national production award.

By 1990, after having joined a publishing company as an accounts executive, her achievements included being their top producing major accounts executive and taking on a further management role.

Ange by this stage had also incorporated and partnered with an inventor in the structure, management, and development of strategies for the operation of trialing new technology to be used in the hair care industry.

Further studies led to her holding personal and corporate Real Estate and Business Broker’s licences; becoming a ‘small property’ developer whilst developing and facilitating wealth creation seminars for others wishing to invest in real estate.

Her vast experience led her to undertake qualifications  as a mediator, an arbitrator and post graduate commercial contract law courses within a Masters Degree of Dispute Resolution.


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