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Sir Laurence Street with Angela Leah

AMINZ Conference
Christchurch – August 2010
with permission from Sir Laurence Street




Welcome to Aim To Resolve.

The site is designed to be informative and detailed. For many of you the detail on many of the pages is simply “too much”;  however I have endeavoured to present the information with headers situated on the left so that the gist of  the process of solving disputes is simply worded.

I suppose one could say that they enjoy driving their car and know how to put in petrol to keep it going, but if it breaks down, then the best way to fix it is to take it to the professionals.

I have had over 30 years experience mediating and negotiating experience.

Conflict with anyone is much the same as you and your broken down car- your relationship with another person or body is fuelled by conversation and action; as long as it is running smoothly everything is OK.  However if it looks like spluttering to a halt or breaking down, take preventative action and visit a third party to help.

The only difference between conflicting people and your car is that you don’t need permission from the car to take it to the mechanic.  You do however, need both disputing parties to agree to go to mediation if you want a binding agreement to eventuate.  I can help you with this or negotiate a workable outcome for you.

All of you who are reading this, please take care and stay healthy.




Mission Statement

My goal is to assist you to solve your conflict before it escalates into a major dispute; to keep as many disputes out of the legal system as possible; whilst keeping expenses and stress levels to a minimum. “Don’t let your differences get out of hand. Resolve them early.”

Did you know that you do not need to take business or personal disputes to a lawyer?”

Call Us First.

Choose a less expensive forum and prevent a minor difference becoming a major dispute.

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e-mail:  iangelaleah@gmail.com
Mobile Phone Number:         0402 023 323

Masters Degree in Contract Law                                             and Dispute Resolution from University NSW

Professional Certificate inArbitration University of Adelaide

Experienced Negotiator Mediator NMAS qualified

Licenced Business Broker
Licenced Real Estate Broker